Participant Journey

A Home Full of Possibilities

At Canopy SDA, we get that life’s journey is personal, and we’re here to walk it with you. We’re not just another fancy accommodation provider; we genuinely care about making your journey to a new home and a new life a meaningful and authentic one.

Home is more than just a roof over your head; it’s a place filled with possibilities that let you be you. We believe that everyone deserves a space where they can truly belong and thrive, and that’s what we’re all about. As NDIS participants, you have the right to independence, belonging, and being part of a supportive community.

Our Participant Journey is all about you – your dreams, your aspirations. Whether you’re on the hunt for a perfect Specialist Disability Accommodation or want the freedom to chart your own course, we’re dedicated to making it happen. Beyond accommodation, we create warm and nurturing environments where you can grow, flourish, and truly live your best life.

Sure, the journey may have its ups and downs, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our team of friendly experts is right here, cheering you on, and providing unwavering support whenever you need it.

So, let’s open the door to your new home, where endless possibilities await. Join us at Canopy SDA, and together, let’s make your dreams take flight – one step at a time!

Your Journey with Canopy SDA

Let’s embark on an incredible journey together, step by step, to create your dream home at Canopy SDA – it’s a down-to-earth adventure that promises comfort and joy!


I'm interested in living in a Canopy home

To express your interest in living in a Canopy SDA home, simply send an email to hello@canopysda.au or call +61 (02) 8320 6132 to speak with one of our dedicated Customer Relationship Managers. During a friendly chat with our team, we’ll discuss your SDA funding level, preferred location, lifestyle preferences, and personal goals. If you decide that a Canopy SDA home aligns with your needs, our Customer Relationship Manager will share a non-legally binding Heads of Agreement (HOA). This document will formally indicate your interest in a Canopy SDA property, specifying the type of property you’re interested in and your preferred location for us to explore.


The search is on

Upon receiving your signed HOA, we kickstart the process of finding like-minded participants who share your interest in living in the same location and type of property. Once we have formed a group of 2 or more participants with similar preferences, our dedicated Development team springs into action, actively searching for a property to purchase and develop, creating a tailored living space that meets the collective needs and aspirations of the participants involved.


We have found a property

Your Customer Relationship Manager will be in touch every step of the way, keeping you informed about the progress. Once we’ve discovered a property that matches your preferences, they will reach out to double-check that you’re still interested in moving into this specific home.

Exciting times lie ahead! After we’ve successfully purchased the property, you’ll receive an Accommodation & Service Agreement (ASA). This document will provide all the details about the construction process of your new home, including the estimated move-in date (commencement date) and essential details about your tenancy. We want to make sure you’re fully informed and ready to embrace this new chapter in your life!


The build gets underway

Let’s make sure you have everything you need to lead an independent life that suits you best.

Your dedicated Customer Relationship Manager will keep you regularly updated throughout the build process, sharing photos and progress reports so you can witness your new home taking shape. You’ll be part of this exciting journey every step of the way!


Getting the T's crossed and i's dotted

As you prepare to move into your new Canopy SDA home, we’ll take care of all the necessary details. Your Customer Relationship Manager will provide your NSW Residential Tenancy Agreement, guide you on paying the Bond, and coordinate with your SIL provider. Plus, we’ll give you a confirmed move-in date (commencement date).


Move in day!

Today marks the start of your incredible journey in your new Canopy SDA home! To celebrate this significant milestone, members of our Canopy SDA team will be present at your new home to warmly welcome you.

As part of our thorough process, we will complete the property condition report and conduct an induction on our emergency procedures. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Let’s make this transition smooth and memorable!


Living in your new Canopy SDA home

You have made the move and changed your life with Canopy SDA!

Your dedicated Customer Relationship Manager will remain your go-to person throughout your tenancy. They’ll be in regular touch, checking in on how you’re settling in, gathering feedback on the property, and ensuring you’re enjoying your new home to the fullest. Your happiness and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Get ready for a journey filled with warmth, joy, and endless possibilities.

From the purchase of land to the day you move in should be 9-12 months.

I am really looking forward to having 24/7 care in my new Canopy home. Also to have flat surfaces and floors and a back patio that I can sit out on in all weather.

Sandy, Singleton Lorikeet Home

"I started this journey by finding Canopy myself online. What a big journey it has been! I have gone past the site so many times, I just can’t wait to move in"

Liz, Albury Brolga Manor Home

Frequently Asked Questions

SDA stands for Specialist Disability Accommodation. It is a type of housing designed to cater to the specific needs of people with significant disabilities. SDA is a vital part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and eligibility for SDA is determined through NDIS assessments. If you or someone you care for qualifies for SDA, our team of experts will guide you through the process, offering personalized support and helping you find the perfect SDA home that matches your preferences and needs.

For more information head to https://www.ndis.gov.au/participants/home-and-living/specialist-disability-accommodation-explained

To be eligible for SDA funding with the NDIS, you must first be a participant of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) is responsible for determining SDA eligibility based on specific criteria, which requires appropriate and up-to-date evidence.

According to the NDIA, SDA support must meet several key factors to qualify, including:

  • Assisting the participant in achieving their goals and aspirations.
  • Facilitating the participant’s social and economic participation.
  • Representing value for money in relation to benefits achieved and alternative support costs.
  • Being aligned with good practice and likely to benefit the participant.
  • Considering what support is reasonable for parents, carers, informal networks, and the community to provide.
  • Being most appropriately funded through the NDIS.

If you meet these criteria and provide the necessary evidence, you may be eligible for SDA funding to access specialized disability accommodation that caters to your unique needs and aspirations. Our team at Canopy SDA can help you figure out your next steps if you do think you are eligible.

There are four different categories of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). These categories are designed to cater to varying levels of support needs for people with significant disabilities:

  1. Improved Liveability: This category includes housing with design features that provide better accessibility and functionality for residents. It may include features like wider doorways, accessible bathrooms, and adaptable living spaces. Improved Liveability SDA is suitable for individuals with moderate support needs.
  2. Fully Accessible: SDA properties in this category are designed to be fully accessible for people with mobility challenges and high support needs. They typically feature features such as hoists, tracking systems, and specialized bathrooms to cater to individuals with severe disabilities.
  3. Robust: Robust SDA properties are designed for individuals with complex behaviours or sensory impairments. They have durable and sensory-specific features to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and support staff.
  4. High Physical Support: This category includes SDA properties for individuals with extremely high support needs and significant physical disabilities. They offer features like ceiling hoists, self-opening doors, and advanced assistive technology to provide round-the-clock care and support.

The choice of SDA category is based on the specific needs and requirements of the participant, as determined through NDIS assessments. At Canopy SDA, we offer a range of SDA homes across these categories to ensure that each resident receives the right level of support and accommodation tailored to their unique circumstances.

To connect with one of our dedicated Customer Relationship Managers, simply click here (link to our contact form). They can’t wait to hear from you! Expect a response within 2 days, as they’re eager to learn more about you and your specific needs. We’re here to make this journey as smooth and personalized as possible!

At Canopy, we collaborate with investment partners who share our passion for enhancing the lives of individuals living with disabilities. Once the build is complete, your SDA funding allows you to lease the property for as long as you desire, providing you with a sense of security, comfort, and certainty in your life. We are committed to creating spaces that empower you to feel safe and content, fostering a fulfilling and sustainable living experience.

As part of the SDA program, participants are required to contribute a reasonable rental amount, which is calculated as 25% of your Disability Support Pension and 100% of your Commonwealth Rental Assistance. If you do not receive these specific payments, you’ll be asked to pay the equivalent amount fortnightly, which is typically around $410 per fortnight.

Please be aware that the rental contribution does not cover utilities such as Electricity, Water usage, and Internet. These utility costs will be additional to the rental contribution.

However, a significant advantage of choosing a Canopy SDA home is that it is designed according to Passivhaus principles. This design approach aims to reduce utility costs by an average of 30%, providing you with potential savings on your energy bills. At Canopy SDA, we prioritize creating environmentally friendly and energy-efficient homes that benefit both the residents and the planet.

If you have SDA funding and prefer to live alone, you have the option to do so. SDA funding provides you with the flexibility to choose the type of accommodation that suits your individual needs and preferences. Whether you wish to live independently or with housemates, the decision is entirely up to you.

Yes, you can live with someone else who is not a participant of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in an SDA home. SDA housing allows for mixed household arrangements, meaning individuals with and without NDIS funding can live together in the same property.

Yes, you can have a pet in a Canopy SDA home, subject to certain conditions. We understand the importance of the bond between individuals and their beloved pets, and we strive to create inclusive and pet-friendly living environments.

At Canopy SDA, we value the happiness and comfort of our residents, and we aim to accommodate your desire to have a pet whenever possible. Our team will be more than willing to discuss the pet policy and help you find the perfect home that welcomes both you and your furry companion.

Yes, you have the option to use your existing Supported Independent Living (SIL) organisation in a Canopy SDA home. At Canopy SDA, we understand the importance of continuity and the comfort of working with familiar and trusted support providers.

We value your choice in selecting a SIL organisation that best meets your needs and preferences. If you have an existing SIL provider, we will work collaboratively with them to formalise our relationship, ensuring a seamless transition and coordinated support in your Canopy SDA home.

Our focus is on Participant- first care, and we strive to create an environment where you have the freedom to make decisions that best suit your lifestyle and well-being. We are here to support your choices and work with your preferred SIL organisation to provide you with the highest quality of care and assistance in your new Canopy SDA home.

If you have any questions or require assistance in coordinating with your SIL organisation, our dedicated team is available to help and guide you throughout the process. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priorities, and we’ll ensure that your experience in a Canopy SDA home is as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

At Canopy SDA, we offer a space in our properties for Onsite Overnight Assistance (OOA) SIL staff, but we do not directly provide the service ourselves.

When participants in our Canopy Properties require OOA, we collaborate closely with them to collectively choose an Onsite Overnight Assistance Provider that best suits their specific needs and preferences. It’s important to note that the chosen OOA provider may not necessarily be the same as their existing SIL provider for day-to-day supports.

Our approach prioritises participant choice and empowerment. We work together with our participants to select an OOA provider they are all happy with, ensuring that everyone’s comfort and well-being are considered. Once the OOA provider is chosen, we facilitate the coordination and formalisation of the relationship with the selected SIL provider.

We are committed to offering personalised and meaningful support solutions, and our team is here to assist you throughout the process of arranging OOA support. Your satisfaction and autonomy in choosing your support services are our top priorities.

The difference between Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) lies in the kind of support they provide and the homes they offer:

Supported Independent Living (SIL):

  • SIL is all about the practical support you may need in your day-to-day life. It’s like having someone there to lend a helping hand with tasks like cooking, cleaning, personal care, and managing your home. SIL services are there to assist you in developing the skills needed to live as independently as possible.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA):

  • SDA is all about the home itself – it’s designed to be your perfect space, tailored to your unique needs and requirements. SDA properties have special features and modifications that make them accessible, safe, and comfortable for you.

In a nutshell, SIL provides support services to help you live independently, while SDA ensures you have a home that suits your disability-related needs. Together, they create a supportive environment where you can live your best life, with the right help and a comfortable home to call your own.

Absolutely! Living in a Canopy SDA home doesn’t mean you can skip having insurance. While Canopy SDA takes care of the property’s insurance, you’ll still need your own insurance to protect your personal belongings and liabilities.


Having insurance means you can rest easy knowing you’re covered in unexpected situations. It’s a small yet important step to protect yourself and your belongings. We recommend talking to an insurance provider to find the right coverage that fits your needs as a resident in a Canopy SDA home. So, stay safe and get that peace of mind with the right insurance for you!

After you’ve settled into your Canopy SDA home, we’ll be there every step of the way, making sure you have a great living experience. Here’s what we manage for you:

  • Property Care: You can count on us to take care of the property’s maintenance and repairs. Our priority is to ensure your home is in tip-top shape, so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable living space.
  • Your Feedback Matters: We love hearing from you! Our team values your input and wants to know how we can make your living experience even better. Your suggestions and ideas are essential in shaping our services.
  • Compliance and Quality: Rest assured, our homes meet all the necessary standards set by the NDIS. We take pride in maintaining top-notch quality and ensuring everything is up to par.
  • Always Improving: We’re committed to getting better every day. Your happiness and comfort are our goals, and we constantly strive to improve our services based on your feedback.

So, you can relax and enjoy your new home knowing that Canopy SDA is here to support you in every way possible. Your well-being is our priority, and we’ll be by your side, making sure you feel right at home.

The whole build process, from the time we find and purchase the property (settlement) to the time you move into your Canopy SDA home, typically takes approximately 9-10 months, assuming there are no delays with obtaining the Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

However, it’s important to note that the timeline may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each project. In some instances, the build process may take longer, especially if there are additional requirements or complexities involved in the development pathway.

At Canopy SDA, we are committed to delivering high-quality homes that meet the unique needs of our residents. While we work diligently to ensure a timely and efficient construction process, we also prioritize attention to detail and adherence to all necessary regulations and standards.

Throughout the build process, our team will keep you informed and updated on the progress, ensuring transparency and clarity every step of the way. We aim to make your journey to your new Canopy SDA home as smooth and exciting as possible, providing you with a comfortable and accessible living space that you can truly call your own.

At Canopy SDA, we understand the importance of living in a location that suits your preferences and needs. While we strive to have Canopy SDA homes available in various areas, there may be instances where we do not currently have a property in your desired location.

If this is the case, please know that we are committed to working diligently to achieve a Canopy SDA home where you want to live. Our team actively seeks opportunities to expand our housing options and cater to the diverse preferences of our participants.

We encourage you to get in touch with our friendly team, share your desired location, and express your interest in a Canopy SDA home there. By doing so, you become part of our ongoing efforts to identify potential locations and meet the accommodation needs of our participants.

Your input is invaluable to us, and we value your choice in wanting to live in a Canopy SDA home. Rest assured, we’ll do our very best to make it happen and create a supportive and accessible living environment where you can thrive. Together, let’s work towards achieving your dream of living in a Canopy SDA home in the location you desire.

More help and guidance

If you would like to know more about the Canopy journey, are interested in living in your own SDA Canopy Living home, want to work with us, or just need a hand with anything, we’d love to hear from you!

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